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fubuki.py is a little Wiki application running on Series 60 smart phones. It is implemented in Python.


2007-03-21: "List all pages" functionality is added by Andrey Nikanorov.



  1. Install Python for S60 1.3.1 on your smart phone(choose PythonForS60_2ndEdFP2_1_3_1.SIS if your phone is Vodafone 702NK, Nokia 6630, for example)
  2. Download fubuki-0.2.zip and unzip it.
  3. Create a folder named "fubuki" in E: drive on your phone.
  4. Save fubuki.py file somewhere on your Series 60 phone.
  5. On your phone, open "fubuki.py" and select [Install as]>>[Python script].
Toru Furukawa
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